Sex Addiction, Why it really Matters?

Sex Addiction [spacer size=”20″] Steven is currently an active member of AA and Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA). He’s also in longterm therapy dealing with the fact that he’s nearing fifty and has never sustained a relationship with a woman for longer than a year, and never one that included his being monogamous. “It’s all the… Continue reading Sex Addiction, Why it really Matters?

Sexual Addiction – How to Find Help For Recovery

Sexual Addiction [spacer size=”20″] Trying to find help for sexual addiction can be a daunting task. The revelation of the secret is devastating and creates a major relationship crisis. Regardless of how the revelation comes about, the spouse will generally feel angry, betrayed, and hurt. The sexual compulsiveness of one of the partners is a… Continue reading Sexual Addiction – How to Find Help For Recovery

Sex Emotional Abuse

A number of emotional problems may emerge from the abuse, including inability to trust, perfectionism, phobias, avoidance of both intimacy and emotional bonding. The denial system that insured our survival as children now prevents us from enjoying unencumbered adulthood. We don’t trust our own perceptions; we were forced to become an expert in disbelieving our… Continue reading Sex Emotional Abuse

The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on the Adult Survivor

Child Sexual Abuse [spacer size=”20″] Any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual that damaged the child, whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture, needs to be dealt with assertively. These contacts scar virtually all facets of victims’ lives since we are… Continue reading The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on the Adult Survivor

Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexaholics Anonymous [spacer size=”20″] Sexuality is at the very core of our identity. That is one reason that those who struggle with addiction to sex or sexual behavior can end up so frustrated, so lost and alone. While those who find themselves in the middle of an addiction will find it helpful to admit the… Continue reading Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexual activity and psychological problems

A person’s sexual activity may or may not coexist with psychological problems. Many times people who prefer sexual behaviors outside the mainstream are completely psychologically healthy, and certainly not “sex addicted.” However, counselors of all types are seeing increasing numbers of clients with problematic sexual habits that are causing a great deal of pain. These… Continue reading Sexual activity and psychological problems