Build Coping Strategies

Build Coping Strategies The counselor emphasizes the importance of coping strategies: C: We’ve talked about your high-risk situations for triggering marijuana use. This is important because many people are unaware of how they put themselves at risk for using. Now we’ll focus on coping with these situations in ways that will help you resist the… Continue reading Build Coping Strategies

Integrating MET and CBT

Integrating MET and CBT Counselors in the Marijuana Treatment Project (MTP) integrated motivational interviewing skills and techniques (Stephens et al. 2002) as they moved toward building skills and changing cognitions and behavior. Rather than using a traditional cognitive behavioral style of Socratic questioning and didactic teaching, the MTP MET/CBT approach used open-ended questions, gradual presentation… Continue reading Integrating MET and CBT

Counselors’ Responsibilities

Counselors’ Responsibilities Because myths and stereotypes pervade our culture and influence our thinking and our behaviors, it is important for counselors to be aware of them and to help their lesbian clients not be further injured by them. This means counselors need to assess their beliefs in the myths so they do not impose them… Continue reading Counselors’ Responsibilities

African Americans

African Americans Homophobia in the African-American community is often more intense than in the dominant community. In the past, the sexual orientation of African-American lesbians and gay men was often known by the community although it was not discussed. Many African- American individuals, particularly men, call themselves bisexual instead of gay. Many African-American LGBT individuals… Continue reading African Americans

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are hundreds of drug and alcohol treatment programs which are available to help addicts learn to control their self-destructive behavior and fight the cravings brought on by the changes in their chemistry. Some programs are very specific, and designed to help very specific portions of the community, such as adult Christian males, or teenage… Continue reading Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Recovery might seem like an impossibility to someone who is struggling with addiction. But for those who have overcome their addictions, they know that recovery is possible. There are locations where you can get a head start on recovery if you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. A little study and effort are… Continue reading Recovery

Chances of Brain Recovery among Meth Users

According to an article in the April 2005 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA Archives journals there is a possibility of recovery of neuronal structure and its function due to adaptive changes in chemical activity in certain regions of the brain of former methamphetamine users who have not used the drug… Continue reading Chances of Brain Recovery among Meth Users