Affordable Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a formidable illness to overcome for people with adequate insurance, a good job and intact social supports. For marginalized and impoverished drug dependent people, the challenge to get drug addiction treatment is often even greater. These individuals must cope with drug addiction and inadequate access to treatment, insufficient education, few job skills and a lack of housing. They may be living in a neighborhood characterized by violence, a high incidence of drug use and drug markets that are characterized by violence and depredation. These social problems exacerbate drug addiction and, ultimately, make recovery more difficult to achieve and sustain.

Solutions For Addiction Treatment Are Varied

A good addiction treatment response for many chronic addicts depends on a patient’s ability to take medication as directed and to change behaviors, such as diet or exercise patterns. People with low socio-economic status have more difficulty adhering to both medication and behavioral regimens. Thus, marginalized individuals require a more comprehensive treatment approach that addresses both the addiction and the related problems that affect treatment outcome. Individuals must receive comprehensive services to improve their lives and develop their potential as students, employees and as family members.

What are the Different Types of Drug Treatment Program?

In terms of comprehensive drug treatment program, there are two basic forms of drug treatment: outpatient and residential. Within these two program types, there are an almost endless number of treatment styles and modalities, but most come within the scope of these two styles.

  • Outpatient drug treatment. Many individuals can neither afford, nor find the time to drop everything and enter into a residential treatment program. For them, outpatient care offers the best alternative. Outpatient drug treatment features all the key elements of rehab (including detox, counseling and aftercare) and takes place during the day so that the individual is free to return home in the evening.
  • Residential drug treatment. The most powerful form of drug treatment available, residential rehab represents 24 hour a day care at a facility away from the individual’s home environment. By temporarily relocating to the facility, the individual is given a way to shut out all the distractions in their life and focus solely on recovery from addiction.

Making the decision to get sober is difficult, but it is ultimately necessary and certainly worthwhile for any individual or family who is suffering from this disease.