Addiction Center: Your Third Time Around

If you’ve entered more than one addiction center it may not be you that is the problem. Maybe you don’t agree with the addiction centers methods. It’s okay to go to AA and not believe in God but agree with a lot of the other things that AA has to offer or believes. It’s not okay to go to a rehab and disagree with everything they tell you that you need to be doing to get well. There are different kinds of rehabs out there, some offer a holistic approach to recovery. It’s important in your effort to get well that you are given tools you can use once you exit rehab that will help you stay clean.

Addiction Therapy: Worrying You Said Too Much

There is always a fear once you finally open up in addiction therapy that you may have said too much. Sometimes people get into therapy and are just ready to talk. Other take a while to open up about things. In order for therapy, especially group therapy at a rehab to really work an addict needs to talk about what’s going on inside. A lot of times it’s the holding everything in that causes the addict to use drugs and alcohol to deal with stuff.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation: When Your College Insists You Go

Some people that enter rehab do not enter by choice but by force. That doesn’t mean that they are always an addict. Sometimes a college student who has displayed poor judgment during a drinking stint is ordered by his or her college to enter alcohol addiction rehabilitation before the college will consider taking them back. If that’s what you need to do in order to continue your education then it’s understandable why a student would agree to do the time.

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