At An Addiction Center You Can Learn From Other Addicts
We live in a vacuum a lot of the time. We only see ourselves and have trouble seeing the bigger picture. At an addiction center there are other addicts who have experienced the same experiences you have with drugs or alcohol. You’ll hear from them the lies you’ve told to your family and friends while you were abusing drugs or alcohol. You’ll hear the shameful stories of addicts leaving their kids in a car while they went and got drunk at a bar. You’ll quickly realize you are not the worst person on the planet and that you have a disease that has caused you to behave in a gross and unattractive way.
Addiction Treatment Services: Recovering Addicts Just Like You
A lot of times the people that work at addiction treatment services are recovering addicts or have had someone in their life that abused drugs and alcohol and therefore feel they need to help others suffering from this disease. The great thing about being counseled and helped by these people is they have personal experience with the disease and can offer a different insight then someone who is only educated on the matter .The educated are great helpers too because they have had a lot of professional experience with addicts and can really offer a perspective that you may not see.
Alcohol Detox: Saying Things You Regret
During alcohol detox your emotions are flowing. You’re up, you’re down, you’re all over the place. What you aren’t is yourself and you need to keep that in mind post detox. If you lashed out at the counselors and staff and said things that you now regret understand they’ve been through it all before. You may have even said some things post detox to your family that you’re now regretting. You can definitely apologize but you can’t carry that guilt. You need to focus on getting you better and nothing else. While you’ve been selfish with your drinking you need to be selfish with your recovery too. People will understand.