Addiction Center: Getting Away From What Causes You To Drink
Sometimes the best thing that an addiction center can offer you is piece of mind. People that suffer from an addiction sometimes have problems at home that cause them to abuse drugs or alcohol. If you are in a toxic environment when you are at home you need to take the space that rehab gives you to look at the situation you are in and decide if it is bringing you comfort or pain. Sometimes it takes rehab and detox before an addict can see clearly.
Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation: When Your Wife Threatens To Leave You
You may have entered alcohol addiction rehabilitation because your wife threatened to leave you if you didn’t get help but you can’t stay in rehab for your wife and your kids you need to stay in rehab for yourself. While it’s good to know that your wife and kids mean the world to you and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them in your life, if you enter rehab only to appease your wife then when you exit rehab it will only be a matter of time before you’re drinking again.
Addiction Therapy: Mind Over Matter
In order for addiction therapy to work you have to get out of your own head. You have to surrender to the addiction and admit that it’s bigger than you. People who think they have their addiction under control and that rehab is a bunch of bologna will not achieve sobriety until they stop thinking that they are the king of their own domain. If you were able to handle your addiction then your friends and family wouldn’t have staged an intervention. If you were able to handle your addiction you wouldn’t have lost your job because of it and your family and your friends. Being humble is the only way it works.