Addiction Rehabilitation: How To Make It Work For You

Everyone has a different approach to addiction rehabilitation. Some people go in and want take something away from certain aspects of rehab but not the others. While it’s important to really listen to what you learn in one-on-one counseling and group therapy it’s also really important to find what works for you in the program and apply it. There are going to be things you will hear that you might not agree with when it comes to your recovery but you might also find that when you leave you will use those very tools to continue on that path toward sobriety.

Treatment For Alcoholism; Getting Your Spouse To The Front Door

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your spouse treatment for alcoholism is getting him or her to the front door of a rehab. You may have discussed helping him or her get sober and you may have discussed him or her going to an AA meeting or an outpatient rehab program and yet he or she continues to drink and you continue to lay awake at night waiting for the call that something dreadful has happened. It’s really hard when you sit down with your spouse and they tell you that they agree they have a problem and you even go the extra mile not to bring alcohol into the home but somehow they continue to drink.

Financing Available: You Shouldn’t Have To Worry About Your Health

When it comes to your health nothing is more important and yet you find yourself in a crisis when it comes to getting financing available to go to rehab or just go to the doctor or the dentist. We all hear the horror stories about people who don’t have health insurance and end up having some health problem that seems minor until they are in so much pain they end up in the ER and it’s there they learn that they could have avoided cancer if they just got help earlier.