Addiction Therapy: Why Talking Is Part Of Recovery

Some addicts might be surprised to learn that addiction therapy is a big part of the recovery process. Opening up is hard for a lot of addicts. They’ve built up so many walls and they’ve been self-medicating for such a long time that they really need help talking. Some addicts even find therapy to be a waste of time and refuse for awhile to say anything at all. They don’t want to identify in any way with the other addicts.

Alcohol Addiction Center: When You Brother Is In Rehab

It can be really hard for some siblings to see their brother or sister in an alcohol addiction center. They know that they needed help for a long time and they really wanted to get them the help that they needed but sometimes seeing them in rehab is more than a sibling can bear. We feel pain when our siblings are in pain. We want sometimes to suffer for them. We don’t want them to experience the heart ache that we experienced in our life.

Addiction Treatment Services: When It’s This Or Your Marriage

When a spouse of an addict seeks out the help of addiction treatment services sometimes that spouse has come to the painful conclusion that either their husband or wife gets help or they are finished. It can take awhile for the spouse of an addict to get to that point but once he or she gets their there is no turning back. The breaking point for a spouse is a lot like rock bottom for an addict. Once they hit that breaking point, that last straw, if their spouse doesn’t get help they’re packing their bags and moving out for good.

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