Addiction Therapy: Talking, The Good Days And Bad

Sometimes the hardest part for an addict is not detox but it’s addiction therapy. Talking is hard for some people especially because a lot of times addicts are drinking or doing drugs to bury a lot of deep feelings that they are having. Not everyone drinks because they had a bad childhood or a traumatic situation that they are trying to numb but usually talking about their emotions and feelings is hard.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: What Qualifies As A Drinking Problem?

If you are asking the question: do I need alcohol addiction treatment then you probably do need alcohol treatment. You’ve probably done things while drinking that you’ve later regretted. Here are some signs you have a problem: if you are getting into fights with friends while drinking, if friends have to remind you of things you said and did while you were drinking, if you have woken up after a night of drinking and do not remember a lot of the night and if you have done things like engage in risky sexual behavior while drinking or missed work or other important events because of drinking.

Living Sober: Taking A Drink With Your Buddies

You are not living sober after rehab if you are taking drinks with your buddies on Friday after work. It’s not uncommon for an addict to trying and negotiate with their addiction post rehab. They are sober. They are feeling good and they’ve proven to themselves that they don’t have a drinking problem but the truth is they still have a problem. That never goes away. Sobriety is a lifelong job. It’s constant work that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy because you are always focusing on your sobriety but the work you do on your sobriety doesn’t stop after rehab. You can’t sometimes drink.