If you’ve never been through therapy than addiction therapy might be weird for any addict that is going through the steps of rehab. Not everyone that wants to achieve living sober has talked about their problems in the past and who has been to therapy. Some people are introduced to therapy at a young age so when they have to go through it in an alcohol addiction treatment program it’s not really that big of a deal. Though still, you might not be as upfront with your therapist that you to go outside of rehab as you are with a therapy counselor in rehab who makes you talk about everything. Rehab therapy is tough they really get in there and make you talk about stuff that you might not want to talk about.
The reason behind it is because a lot of alcoholics and drug users are running away from something. That doesn’t always mean that they have had a traumatic experience happen to them it just means that in the case of an addict a lot of times they suffer from low esteem of self-worth. They don’t feel good at their job. The pressure to be perfect is weighing on them like crazy at home and at work. They can also be drinking or doing drugs because of family problems. They lost a loved one or there wife or husband left them. They broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they are hurting and drugs or alcohol is the only way they know how to cope. There are a hundred different reasons why people turn to alcohol or drugs. Helping an addict understand why they do it and giving them the tools to find news was to deal with these issues without drugs or alcohol is big step toward recovery.