Addiction Therapy: Tough Days And Easy Days

There are tough days and there are easy days when it comes to addiction therapy. The great thing is that most addicts in an addiction center get close fast. They rely on one another and come to depend on each other and really cheer for each other through the entire recovery process. So when an addict has a good day and has a real breakthrough with their group session it’s a good day for everyone on the group because it signifies that recovery is possible.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation: Being A Repeat Offender

Being a repeat offender when it comes to alcohol addiction rehabilitation can actually get in the way of the alcohol addiction rehabilitation process. An addict can become so ashamed of the fact that he or she relapsed that they cannot get past that and therefore cannot truly begin recovery. Relapse happens it’s a part of the recovery process. If an addict relapses once it’s not the end of the world. They just need to be open and honest about it in order to move forward.

Alcohol Addiction Center: The First Night

The first night in an alcohol addiction center is usually the hardest night for the addict. That’s why he or she is not allowed to make phone calls until they get through the detox process. Detox can last up to seven days but the typical detox lasts three days. Addicts experience a lot of fear and anxiety when the enter rehab and usually the first night for them is the adjustment period where they have to adjust to their new surroundings, the hard work that is ahead of them and the choice that they’ve made to get sober.