Addiction Therapy: Opening Up For The First Time

Some addict’s open up about the troubles of their world for the first time ever in addiction therapy. Up until that point they’ve managed their deep dark secrets by drinking or using drugs. It can be enlightening for an addict to open up about their feelings not just to a counselor but to a group. Sometimes talking to strangers about your problems first is easier than talking to friends and family.  Opening up and having a positive response can make an addict feel safe enough to continue to open up because they opened up and they survived.

Drug Addict Center: It’s Time To Stop The Partying

A common attitude of drug addicts when approached about entering a drug addict center is that they’re just “partying” that they don’t actually have a problem. They say they only use drugs when something good has happened and they want to celebrate that or when they go out at night with their friends. Even though it’s clear that they have a problem and that while on drugs they’ve engaged in some rather risky behavior they’ve managed to make that okay under the guise of partying.

Addiction Rehabilitation Center: Making The Transition Back Into The World

Making the transition back into the world you left when you entered an addiction rehabilitation center is sometimes harder on some recovering addicts than it is on other recovering addicts.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why. A big part of a rehab is not spent just getting the addict to open up about their addiction problem but also getting them to plan for the future. Once they leave they are going to be tempted to relapse. Sometimes because they are sober and have remained sober for thirty days the addict then feels that they can test their relationship with alcohol again and that’s not the case.