What Not To Bring When Checking Into An Addiction Treatment Center
There are certain things that are not allowed when checking into an addiction treatment center. You cannot bring alcohol or drugs. You may think that’s common knowledge. You’d be surprised how many addicts try to smuggle in goods and they hide it well but it’s always found. You cannot bring sharp objects. You can’t even bring in any beauty products that might contain alcohol in them. People get desperate when going through detox.
Talking About Your Problems At Drug Addiction Counseling
You will be expected to talk about your problems at drug addiction counseling. Granted you can sit there and say nothing but you’d be surprised how much patients a drug counselor has and how long he or she can sit with you and say nothing. Eventually, you’ll want to leave and eventually you’ll figure out that the best way to do this is by opening up. You may try lying and making things up at first but these people are trained to dealer with addicts and they’ll eventually get something out of you that is the truth.
Opening Up In Addiction Therapy
At addiction therapy you are encourage to open up. Most addicts have something in their past that torments them and can be associated with the reasons that they drink. They may also have done things under the influence that they’re not proud of and fessing up about those things is also encouraged. It’s all part of the healing and recovering process. You have to forgive yourself for the wrongs you’ve done so that you can move on and not continue to punish yourself. As long as that negativity lingers, you will continue to abuse alcohol and drugs to deal with it.