What Does An Alcoholism Or Drug Addiction Treatment Center Do?

There are all sorts of different types of people with alcohol or drug addiction treatment issues, and this can make it hard to give a proper response to this important question. All around the world, the treatment of various addiction problems follows this path: To begin with, there will be an interview or admission process. During this conversation, a drug treatment counselor will determine what is going on and whether there are any outside factors contributing to the addiction disorder. This interview will usually take about an hour or so. There are times, however, that more discussions will need to take place in order to get a better picture of what the problem and more importantly what the solution is.

The First Step Towards Treatment: Medical Detox

For many alcoholics and addicts the goal of treatment should be aimed towards detoxification and the recovery from symptoms of addiction. Oftentimes this will happen either at a clinic or at home, depending on the situation. At this time, the doctors who have approved the treatment may choose to offer medication to help the individual kick the habit. A medical detox will have important goals; one can be to reduce substance abuse, and limit damages to the individual, but most often the purpose should be complete detoxification. If the individual doesn’t choose to get help, the chances for recovery are very poor.

An Addiction Rehabilitation Center Has The Best Chance For Recovery

After this, other treatment goals will be worked on; for example, preventing or reducing a relapse, and improving the mental and social condition of the person. Depending on the nature of the problems, this can be done either in an addiction rehabilitation center or in the home environment, in which case the patient goes for treatment during weekdays or a few days per week.