When You Don’t Think You Have An Alcohol Addiction
Even if you don’t think you have an alcohol addiction and everyone else in your family does it can be a good idea to get some help. That doesn’t mean checking into rehab but why not go to a few AA meetings and see if anything resonates with you. Maybe take a backseat to the party, drinking scene and do other things with your time like hike or go to the movies. If you really don’t think you have a problem then you should be able to tone it down.
Walking Out On A Drug Treatment Program
Addicts who were gung-ho about checking into a drug treatment program have checked out the next day convinced they do not belong there. It happens all the time. Usually, it’s not that they don’t think they have a problem or that they don’t feel they need to quit doing drugs. It’s usually that they’ve seen the other people in the rehab and feel they’re above those people. They aren’t that far gone. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to fall down a few more times before they realize they’re no better.
Telling Your Wife You Need A 3 Month Rehab
Telling your wife that you need to enter a 3 month rehab is hard. Your wife probably knows you have a drinking or drug problem and has probably already been through hell and back with you. Now you’re going to leave her and go away for three months while she takes care of the kids. That’s not going to go down easy. Make sure she knows how much you appreciate her and how important you think it is that you get well so you can start taking on some of the responsibility that she’s been carrying all these years.