Alcohol Addiction Therapy: Talking Can Be Tough

Alcohol addiction therapy only works if the addict lets down his or her guard and admits to having a problem. Talking is a big part of recovery. In order for the addict to step out into the real world and remain alcohol and drug free they need to understand the underlying reasons behind why they drink and why they do drugs. It’s not so black and white. There are a lot of gray areas that need dealing with.

Family Treatment: When A Father And Son Check In

A lot of rehabs offer family treatment. Sometimes that means that a father and son check into rehab together. Other times that means that a husband and wife do. When a husband and wife do and children are involved it can be difficult. It’s really hard to say okay dad is going to get well first then mom. Usually, when two parents are abusing they aren’t being parents to their kids and therefore one parent staying behind to hold down the fort doesn’t really help the child. It just prolongs the problem.

Medical Detox Program: Coming Out The Other Side

Coming out of the other side of your addiction problem is the hope and goal of a medical detox program. Not every addict thinks that they can withstand detox long enough to reach the therapy part of rehab. Whether it’s because the addict cannot possibly imagine a life without drugs or alcohol or if it’s because the addict doesn’t believe that they’re capable of surviving the withdrawal symptoms that detox presents, it’s important to take the process one step at a time and not think too far into the future of your addiction problem.

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