Alcohol Detox: Getting Through The First Three Days
Most alcohol detox programs last three days. Some can last longer depending on the severity of the addiction. Though it’s rare for an alcohol detox to last longer than seven days. It is definitely a challenging make your or break you time for some addicts. It’s also a big wakeup call about their addiction problem. If you are suffering like crazy through detox because you are dying for a drink that’s a clear indication that you have a serious, serious problem.
Medical Detox: Taking Drugs To Help You Get Clean
It may seem like an oxi-moron you enter a medical detox to get clean of drugs or alcohol and you are given drugs to get through it? Relax. You are not given heroin or cocaine to get through your drug or alcohol detox. The medicine that you are offered is to help you get through the DTs. People with severe alcohol and drugs problems go through some pretty bad withdrawal symptoms like sweating profusely, shaking profusely and sometimes having seizures. This shouldn’t scare you into going into rehab because you will have doctors there who will help you through the process and the good news you’ll be stronger once you reach the other side.
Addiction Rehabilitation: Harder Than You Imagined
Addiction rehabilitation is not a walk in the park. If it was then everyone with a drug or alcohol problem would be checking into rehab. Sometimes it’s a lot harder than people imagined. It takes a brave person to recognize on their own that they have a problem and reach out to a team of professionals for help. When a person does this they should be commended. However, just because you realized you had a problem doesn’t even getting help is going to be a cake walk.