The Implications Of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox involves the removal of alcoholic substances from the body of an alcoholic individual. Alcohol detox is achieved by complete abstinence from alcohol, medication (if appropriate), and altering the diet of the individual. Alcohol detox is only possible with the support from family and friends along with the commitment to change on the part of the individual.
Detoxification in the body is performed by the liver and kidneys. However, in individuals suffering from severe alcoholism, medical detox processes are necessary.

Alcohol Detox At An Addiction Treatment Center

In most cases, alcohol detox should be done at an addiction treatment center, though this does not necessarily involve long term inpatient addiction treatment. When the alcohol consumption is moderate detox can be accomplished in a relatively short time, but in severe situations involving symptoms such as hallucinations, withdrawal symptoms, and drug abuse, inpatient detox can become necessary. Addiction medicine specialists know how to manage alcohol detox programs, usually in compliance with the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step rehab program. Alcoholics attending AA meetings are made to understand the need to be willing to give up alcohol as a prerequisite for addiction treatment.
In severe cases, medication is used to help alcoholics get treatment. This is called medical detox. Here, individuals are warned that they may suffer anxiety and insomnia for a period of time during the recovery process.

Addiction Treatment Involving Alcohol Detox

Inpatient addiction treatment is carried out in rehabilitation centers, but there is a social stigma attached to being admitted to an addiction treatment center. These centers are located all over the country country, and they service people of affluent classes and more poorer classes alike. The ratio of addiction medicine specialists to patients is most often around 1:4. This means that there is an emphasis on self-care, but this should not stop you from seeking the help you need.