Alcohol Detox: Going Through The Check List

Before you enter an alcohol detox you meet with a counselor who will diagnose the severity of your withdrawal to better figure out what approach is best for you. You will be asked a serious of questions on how you are feeling. You will not attribute all of your feelings to withdrawal symptoms and therefore the counselor will ask you specific questions to figure out what’s connected to what. Some symptoms that will be obvious to the counselor are sweating, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Addiction Therapy: When You’ve Been Lost For Awhile

Before entering rehab, going through detox and then stepping into addiction therapy you didn’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore. You haven’t recognized yourself for awhile. You’ve become paranoid, jittery, depressed and fearful. You even heard voices in your head that you swear are real. You completely lost touch with reality in a lot of ways. The hardest part of being like that, was that you didn’t see yourself getting back to the person you were before you started abusing drugs or alcohol. Now that you’ve finally made some headway and have gone through the detox process you have found yourself again on the other side.

Medical Detox: When Depression Sets In

There are a lot of reasons when medicine is given to addicts during the medical detox process. During detox an addict experiences what’s referred to as the DTs but also better known as withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes the addict knows that how he or she is feelings is a result of detox and other times they don’t associate the feelings they are having with it at all. Luckily, a counselor is on hand to assess what’s going on with them and their body and mind at this time. If they are experiencing severe stomach pain, vomiting or depression medicine will be given at this time to help the addict through the process.

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