Alcohol Detox: Going At It Alone
Deciding to do an alcohol detox alone isn’t always a great idea, especially if you get the DTs. Most people don’t realize how addicted they actually are to alcohol until they try to quit drinking. Some can go at it alone. Wake up one morning and just decide that they don’t want to drink anymore and be done with it. If you have a seriously addiction problem however you aren’t going to be able to kick drinking solo. You’ll need the help and support of professionals who know a thing or two about alcohol abuse.
Living Sober:  Finding The Right Activities
Living sober is easier when you have other things to channel your energy into. Finding activities that you like and enjoy can really help you stay sober. A good idea if you’ve never had any hobbies before is to sign yourself up for a bunch of different stuff. You can do hiking, biking, jogging, tennis, go to sports games, join fantasy football leagues. There’s a lot of different stuff that you can do that can help you get through the rough patches that come with being a recovering alcoholic.
Alcoholism Treatment Program: When You Think You’ve Got It Under Control
Thinking that you can control your drinking problem is only natural. Most alcoholics before entering an alcoholism treatment program tend to try and negotiate with their drinking problem. They decide to only drink on Sundays or only drink at social events or at happy hour after work. Suddenly, they’re only deciding to drink every day and they’re back to waking up not remember what events took place the night before. Eventually, they decide to quit cold turkey and that lasts all of two weeks before they’re drinking harder than ever. It’s really hard when you have a drinking problem to deal with it on your own.