Alcohol Detox: Means No Alcohol
You’d be surprised how many addicts have either entered rehab voluntarily or involuntarily and still try to sneak alcohol into their alcohol detox. They are of course caught by the staff before even entering the detox segment of their rehab stay. Staff and rehab doctors are trained to find all the hiding places where addicts stash their booze and remove them from their possession immediately. Family members tend to be shocked, even mortified and the addict tends to be embarrassed that they are caught trying to smuggle alcohol in.
Addiction Therapy: Talking About The Tough Times
It’s rehab. There is no hiding. When you are in rehab you talk about things. There are a lot of stubborn addicts in addiction therapy who refuse to speak. They cannot however refuse to listen. They have to sit there and participate whether they like it or not. Usually, someone says something during these group sessions that hits a nerve and either they slowly start to open up or they at least walk away reflecting on their own life and their own problems.
Medical Detox: You Are In The Trusted Hands Of Doctors
It definitely makes sense if you are a drug or alcohol abuser that you are going to be afraid of the medical detox process. Don’t be. The doctors and staff who run the detox process are trained professional and if they see you are in need of help during the process they will give you medicine that will help you deal with the DTs that tend to come with withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Better to go through the DTs with a trained staff that is there to assist you then on your own when you are out of money and need s fix bad.