Persons who know an individual who is in the midst of substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction may often be able to see, in a way the user can’t, the gravity of the user’s situation. They may see or even be effected by the individual’s substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. These caring people may have the best of intentions and may want to help the user with his or her problems, but may be at a loss as to how to do so. In this situation, these people may want to consider what is called an alcohol intervention.
An alcohol intervention is a method of reaching out to a substance abuser. It most often entails arranging a meeting, usually a surprise meeting, with the person who is believed to be a substance abuser. At this meeting, the individual or individuals who arranged it can have the opportunity to express their concerns for the substance abuser’s health, happiness, and even life trajectory. The individual or individual may wish to simply communicate concern, or may go farther by suggesting different ways of handling the substance abuse problem.
If more than one person is going to be involved in the alcohol intervention, they should be sure to carefully plan how the meeting will unfold. This should include a consideration of where the meeting will be held, who exactly will be present, and what each person will say or do at the meeting. In the event of the meeting being planned by just one individual, it is equally important that it be well planned in order for it to have maximum impact on the substance abuser.
An alcohol intervention can be successful on many different levels, and may be the most appropriate form of action to take in certain situations. It can have the double effect of helping the alcohol substance abuser and helping the people staging the alcohol intervention. The substance abuser will hopefully realize his or her problem and seek appropriate treatment, and those who planned and carried out the meeting will feel that they have done something positive and proactive for their loved one.