Alcoholism Treatment Is Not Always Covered

Denial of alcoholism being a problem is the biggest obstacle when seeking help for alcoholic patients. Though the reason shouldn’t be surprising because lcohol is widely used in our society, is generally accepted, and most ordinary drinkers don’t see it for what it is, and that is a major source of problems for many alcoholics.  For this reason, alcoholism treatment is necessary to get help as soon as possible before serious problems happen.

Addiction Treatment Is The Best Chance For Recovery

Another hurdle involved with trying to help alcoholics is that alcohol tends to be viewed as a companion to alcoholics, much more so than regular relationships. It is hard to get alcoholics to seek addiction treatment at an addiction center, or to subsequently stick with a treatment program.  A further challenge is to engage a patient’s family and friends in the recovery efforts. There is a technique known as “network therapy” that is designed to facilitate familial engagement. When this happens there is a much greater chance for recovery.

Get Help At A High Quality Rehab Center

Another problem with affecting a positive outcome is the gulf between an alcoholism rehab center and where patients live once they have experienced recovery. For instance, if someone gets treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction at New Method Wellness and afterward goes home to Oregon without an aftercare program or sober living plan, the quality of care after they are discharged may not be high, and could lead to a possibility for relapse.

Finally, even though health care is now the law of the land, a frequent stumbling block to recovery for alcoholics is that most health insurance plans don’t cover addiction treatment. However, there is a mental health insurance parity law that was passed this fall that should help for many individuals.