Addiction Treatment For Women Who Are Expecting Children

For women everywhere, pregnancy is about maintaining their health at the highest level for the sake of the child, so most often attention is paid to diet, exercise, and exposure to potentially damaging substances, including such relatively minor indulgences such as coffee and sweets. However, for those women who remain victims of drug addiction, alcohol dependency, or any other type of substance abuse problem, pregnancy may cause concern for a range dangerous issues, not just for the mother, but for the child as well.
Substance use is associated with the increased likelihood of alcohol abuse and smoking, that can add to the potential risks to pregnant women who abuse substances expose themselves and their unborn children to. For this reason it is of the utmost urgency that pregnant women with substance problems get addiction treatment as soon as possible.

Alcoholism Treatment For Pregnant Women

As any obstetrician will explain it, when a woman abuses alcohol during her pregnancy, the alcohol in the mother’s blood will reach the fetus and this can cause major defects for the baby. Even if the mother is able to handle this amount of alcohol relatively efficiently, the liver of the fetus may not able to do the same. Thus, women who abuse alcohol during pregnancy are putting their unborn children at a major risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Alcoholism Treatment for pregnant women is key for the health of her child, so you should ask for help as soon as possible.

Addiction Therapy Is The Best Solution For You And Your Child

Alcohol abuse during pregnancy will result in a variety of birth defects and several kinds of developmental damage if addiction therapy is not sought, the worst of which is fetal alcohol syndrome. It has been shown that children with fetal alcohol syndrome are extremely likely to experience many potentially life threatening symptoms:
* Small birth size and weight
* Hearing and vision problems
* Sleep disorders
* Inability to learn simple tasks
* Various learning disabilities including ADHD
* Impaired social development
* A variety of physical, mental, and emotional problems
Women who abuse alcohol or drugs during their pregnancy are likely to be unable to follow a diet or exercise plan, and are prone to dangers including sexually transmitted diseases, automobile accidents, and other risks, all of which have potential negative effects on their children.