Alcohol Addiction Treatment: More Than 12-Step Meetings And Counseling

Alcohol addiction is a chronic and debilitating illness, without alcoholism treatment it will only get worse. New Method Wellness provides many alcoholism treatment methods, not just the standard 12-step meetings and counseling. We believe that alcohol addiction requires far more resources than most rehabs offer as normal alcohol addiction treatment. Every alcoholic searching for alcohol addiction treatment has unique circumstances and goals in mind. New Method Wellness incorporates this individuality into our alcoholism treatment programs. We not only give you alcohol addiction treatment through one-on-one counseling and 12-step meetings, but also:

  • Dietary Counseling
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Acupuncture and Massage
  • Meditation Practice

There are many paths to alcohol addiction treatment, and each has its own rewards. Most of all, the sense of freedom and personal accomplishment that sobriety brings is more than enough of a reason to explore this opportunity. Once the benefits of sobriety are realized a whole new world of opportunities is made available. A lifetime full of new interests that don’t revolve around drugs and alcohol can be a truly wonderful reward in and of itself.

Addiction Treatment Services Can Make The Difference For You

There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment programs for specific addictions, some of which will appeal to different individuals depending on their circumstances. Consultation with physicians will often help prevent further damage brought on by alcohol addiction. Professionals like these are more than willing to refer their clients to addiction treatment services when they feel the need is there.
There are a variety of addiction treatment services that can be useful to the recovering addict or alcoholic. Therapy with a addiction treatment counselor is the proper way to engage the issues that often come up in early sobriety. Also, group therapy is a way to get involved with peers who are also making the transition to a sober lifestyle. This can be the beginning of a huge change in your life which will open doors that you once thought were closed for good.

A Quality Addiction Treatment Center With The Right Treatment Methods

An addiction treatment center for alcoholics should offer private facilities and specialized drug alcohol treatment counseling. Addiction rehabilitation centers that provide this type of alcohol treatment program will never disclose the names of their clients. These rehab centers are set in private and remote locations to shield patients from the outside world where alcohol and drugs ever lurk.
Health professionals from an addiction treatment center encourage their clients to minimize work communications and fulfillment of professional responsibilities while going through a rehab program. However, once treatment has progressed these professionals most often believe in allowing individuals to work in order to aid the transition to sobriety. Working while going through an outpatient drug treatment program is considered more helpful for its participants than only being involved in sobriety treatment.