At California Dual Diagnosis Facilities You Can Expect Aggressive Treatment
Some people enter rehab for alcohol abuse others for drug then there are people that enter for both. Having to battle two addictions at California dual diagnosis facilities can be tough on any addict. Kicking two addictions at once is not easy. The good news is you are surrounded by a team of highly trained staff who have dealt with all kinds and levels of addiction and really are best equipped to help you through your process.
Refusing Treatment For Alcoholism
It’s happened before an addict agrees to get treatment for alcoholism but once they are in rehab they want to check out. Either they will check themselves out of rehab or they will not comply with any of the work that they need to do in order to get better. This can be frustrating for family and friends who believed that the addict was going to finally get the treatment they need to be sober. Know that sometimes addicts get to rehab and immediately feel they are above it. If they truly need help, they may need to fall a few more times before they finally give in to the disease.
Drug Alcohol Detox Can Last Between Three To Seven Days
If you’re entering rehab for a drug and alcohol problem then your drug alcohol detox may last longer than three days and may go anywhere up until seven days. Once you enter rehab you will be interviewed by the staff and they will access your level of treatment. It’s better to be as honest as possible with them because they’ll be able to tell anyway that you’re lying. They’ve probably already talked to friends and family who have told them enough stories about your addiction problem.