Extended Stay: At A Center For Addiction Treatment

If your husband has been in a center for addiction treatment for thirty days and wants to extend his stay to ninety it can be hard on a wife and a family. He hasn’t been there for you in the way that you’ve needed him to be for some time. Finally you gave him an ultimatum. Get help or get out for good. He took it and now after holding down the fort for thirty days he wants you to do it for thirty more.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation: Wanting All The Answers At Once

Sometimes when an alcoholic checks into an alcohol addiction rehabilitation center, they want the center to snap its fingers and make them whole again. Unfortunately, just stepping inside the center doesn’t instantly fix the addict. They aren’t sober and in recovery because they went through detox. They still need to go through therapy and do the hard work it takes to find out why the abuse alcohol and what they can do to ensure they don’t continue to abuse alcohol.

Drug Addiction Therapy: Wanting To Get To The Root Of The Problem

Wanting to get to the root of a drug addiction problem is drug addiction therapy makes sense. Even the addict would like it if someone could explain why they drink so that they could stop drinking if necessary. Unfortunately, it’s not always a cut and dry answer. There are a lot of reasons why people drink and abuse drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it’s not just one reason. Figuring out what some of the reasons are is always helpful when moving toward recovery. If you can figure out what triggers your drinking you can have tools set up and in place for dealing with it.

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