Crystal meth rehab can be a long and sometimes difficult process, and at times your commitment to getting clean may be challenged. This is perfectly normal. Everyone in recovery—for methamphetamine as well as for other drugs and alcohol—has moments of doubt, and there will probably be times when you are not sure you can make it. But if you listen to your doctors and treatment professionals, attend a support group, and remember how important it is to become free of drugs, you will be fine. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are five things that should be avoided during recovery and afterwards:

1. Boredom

Granted, it may be a little difficult to completely fend off boredom during the early stages of recovery, especially if you are in inpatient crystal meth rehab. But in general, it is best to occupy yourself as much as possible. Your recovery-related activities will take up a lot of time on your schedule, but it’s also good to pick up some hobbies, reconnect with old (drug-free) friends, and find some new things that you enjoy.

2. Drinking

Some recovered methamphetamine addicts are not prone to alcoholism and can handle an occasional drink, but if you are generally prone to addiction, it is best to avoid alcohol for now. Don’t replace your old addiction with a new one. Wait until after you have undergone treatment and are fully confident in your new way of living.

3. One-time relapses

For a recovering meth addict, “once more for old time’s sake,” is one of the most dangerous phrases in the English language. No matter how certain you are that you can handle it, the “once more” thing rarely works out that way. This is how relapses start. Unless you’re eager to start crystal meth rehab all over from scratch, don’t fall into this trap.

4. Shame

Many people undergoing crystal meth rehab end up feeling a strong sense of shame over their past activities. This is normal, but there is no reason to let it bring you down. You were controlled by your addiction, and your addiction is not who you are. Instead of wallowing in shame, move forward. Revel in the pride you feel in taking this positive step for yourself.

5. Stress

Once you ease back into your professional life, avoiding stress may be easier said than done. But as much as possible, try to avoid the stressors that have driven you over the edge in the past, and find ways to relax during those difficult moments. Your crystal meth rehab program will likely supply you with a few useful tools for this.