Detox Programs: What Are They?

There are some great detox programs out there it really just depends what kind of treatment an addict will respond to. Some addicts don’t believe in the 12 steps and therefore won’t benefit from a treatment program that uses the 12 steps. Usually, when that’s the case it’s because the addict is not religious. Some addicts are really into a holistic treatment and need to have a more spiritual without organized religion approach to drinking and using drugs.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center: Where The Problems Lie

A drug addiction treatment center wants to talk to the addict before going into detox to try and access what kind of drugs they’ve one and how long the drug use has gone on. Even though the addict may have agreed to go to rehab a lot of times you’ll find that they’ll still lie about things like their addiction problem. They will sugar coat their situation when it comes to how many times a week they use drugs to the kind of drugs that they use.

Drug Alcohol Treatment: Is It Possible To Fix Both At Once?

It is possible to get drug alcohol treatment at the same time. If an addict only comes in for alcohol treatment and not drug treatment there can be problems. The first problem usually is during detox. If an addict goes through detox and doesn’t own up to drug abuse they are going to have withdrawal symptoms that do not match those of an alcoholic. Their symptoms may be more intense and sometimes a medical detox will be necessary but they are already having the DTs. A smoother transition would have been possible if they owed up to everything at once.