Friends and family have trouble sometimes seeing past the addict’s disease. They think that the person they know now is the person they are going to know forever. They also tend to think a lot of times that the person is too far gone. It’s not until the addict goes through an alcohol detox in a rehabs detox programs facility that they are able to see that it was the drugs and or alcohol talking and not the person who was taking the drugs or the alcohol. They start to see glimpses of the person they know and love who they haven’t seen in forever.
Drug alcohol treatment programs have more faith sometimes in a person’s recovery than family and friends do. They have had some really tough cases over the years and they’ve been able to crack even some of the hardest to crack addicts. It’s kind of like debt. You think that your debt is worse than anyone else’s debt until you realize that there are people out there with much worse debt than you and that your debt isn’t actually all that bad.
It’s not until a family steps into a rehab and looks the faces of addiction in the eye that they realize they really don’t know that much about it. They only know as it relates to them. Once they see addiction in its rawest form they realize that they only know a small part of addiction. Also, a lot of times it’s takes a counselor and or a staff to explain to them all the forms of addiction and how each person is different and that a family doesn’t fail because a rehab succeeds. A family succeeds because they got the addict to enter rehab and admit they have a problem.