Drug Addiction Center: Hiding The Drugs You’ve Done From Your Counselors

Counselors are used to it.  An addict comes to a drug addiction center and isn’t upfront about the drugs they’ve done. They play down their drug use. It seems crazy that an addict wouldn’t own up to everything because of the fact that they have made this decision to get help for their addiction. Sometimes rehab is court ordered like in the case of Lindsay Lohan or Robert Downey Jr.

Drug Addiction Counseling: You Have To Open Up

People that work with addicts during drug addiction counseling know that talking about the tough times is hard. They know that a lot of addicts abuse drugs and drink to avoid talking and dealing with stuff. It’s really hard for a counselor to help though if a person doesn’t open up about what’s going on with them. It can be incredibly difficult to get an addict talking but it is always rewarding when they finally do open up and do start to work on the underlying reasons they do drugs.

Drug Addiction Therapy: Who Knew You Were So Strong

Drug addiction therapy is tough but as an addict you might be surprised at how well you handle it. You’ve made this great decision to get help and to own up to the fact that you have a problem. You knew it was going to be tough but you decided to face your demons and get some help. Now that you’ve gone through detox you are ready to do through the hard work of understanding why you started and continued to abuse drugs in the first place. It’s not easy but you should be proud that you are taking the necessary steps to do the hard work.