Learn About The Benefits Of Addiction Therapy

One of the most important areas of mental health is the field of addiction therapy. Research indicates that the majority of individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have an underlying mental illness or they have significant emotional or psychological difficulties. Approximately half of people with mental illness will be involved with drugs or alcohol at some point, either as a form of self-medication or self-abuse depending on their cycle. Addiction is hard to treat, and there is a good deal of controversy about what the best approaches to addiction treatment are.

Find Your Reason For Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment

Whatever the reasons for seeking drug addiction treatment, addiction can be difficult to define depending on the individual. Opinions vary with the values and beliefs of a specific person. For some, the use of any illegal drug or alcohol with the primary purpose of intoxication constitutes abuse. For others, abuse is defined by a significantly negative impact in the individual’s life, for example, the presence of several of the following signs:
• missing work or failing out of school
• getting arrested for DUI
• injuring oneself
• sickness due to drug or alcohol abuse
• losing relationships with family and friends
• spending on alcohol and drugs outside of one’s means
• diminished interest in activities not involving drugs or alcohol
• getting in legal trouble
• overdosing
Beyond abuse is dependence or addiction. Drug and alcohol dependence is indicated by one of these symptoms:
• increased abuse
• not being able to go without the substance
• increased tolerance
• lack of other activities
• loss of relationships
• increasingly frequent use of drugs and alcohol
• withdrawal symptoms
Some other symptoms include:
• hiding your use from your family and friends
• Blackouts
• not being able to quit
• repeatedly using more than you intend to
• frequent hangovers
• using first thing in the morning
• using at all hours of the day
• Binge drinking and using
• hearing from others that you have a problem