Get Effective Alcoholism Treatment Today

Throughout history, alcohol addiction has been a problem in every single civilization on Earth. Traditionally, alcohol has been consumed mostly for celebrating or as a way to relax. As society has changed over the years, alcoholism has become more of an issue, with 1 in 10 people in the US dealing with alcohol abuse and needing some form of alcoholism treatment at some point in their life. Alcoholism,in every age group, has become a very serious issue in this country with many individuals not realizing that it is a disease that can ruin lives and lead to death. When someone truly takes part in a sober living program they might have a chance to recover from their problems.

Addiction Treatment Is The Key To Recovery

10 to 15 million people of all ages abuse alcohol every day, and over 200,000 individuals who do not seek addiction treatment die annually. Alcoholism, either directly or indirectly, is one of the biggest factors in automobile accidents, homicides, theft and suicides. This disease not only affects the person that needs addiction treatment, but every person living in the United States as well. Most people understand that when someone is hooked on drugs, they need treatment in order to change. Alcohol can be different. While seemingly harmless, this drink is widely used in social settings, so there is a wide acceptance that all people drink occasionally. Therefore, it is even more difficult for individuals to identify alcoholism in themselves as a disease. The alcoholic is often reluctant to enter into alcoholism treatment. This is especially true if the person is in his or her teens or early 20’s because it is hard to understand that someone so young could actually need addiction treatment for his or her disease to help recover.

The Need For Drug Addiction Treatment Can Be Detected Early

There are signs families can look for when they suspect that a child or friend is in need of drug addiction treatment because of serious alcohol abuse. The rule of thumb for women is if you regularly consume more than 7 drinks per week in the privacy of your home and 3 or more drinks per week in social settings, you may have a problem. For men, consuming 14 or more drinks per week and more than 4 in social situations can reasonably assume that there is a problem. With young people in their teens and early 20s, it is even more difficult to discover if they need alcoholism treatment, because there are many additional factors that can be involved.