An Introduction To Alcoholism Treatment in an Addiction Treatment Center

Though the original 12-step recovery program, Alcoholics Anonymous, was designed to treat alcohol addiction in the 1930s, its methods now are used not just for alcoholism treatment but also for drug addiction treatment and other forms of addictive disorders. Actually, there are now 12-step rehab programs to provide support for addictions to shopping, sex, food, and many more.

12-step Rehab At Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

Most drug alcohol treatment homes will require residents to attend several NA, AA or other 12-step rehab style meetings every week to continue the recovery process. Often residents will carpool to these meetings, providing each other with support and assistance.

Drug Addiction Treatment Services With A Focus On The Family

The disease of addiction puts addicts and alcoholics through a lot of pain and suffering. This doesn’t just stop at the individual, however, because most addicts have families, spouses and friends who suffer right along with them. This is why a drug addiction treatment services need to focus on an addict’s family and relationships in addition to the addict. After all, if a recovering addict finishes an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab only to find that his family and friends want nothing to do with him, the feelings of loneliness and abandonment can act as powerful triggers for relapse.