Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Services in California That Work

Individuals suffering from the disease of addiction require different addiction treatment services depending on the severity of their illness. People suffering from drug abuse require drug addiction treatment services while alcoholic individuals need alcoholism treatment. Individuals suffering from chemical dependency as well as a mental illness such as bipolar, depression or anxiety may want to seek out a more specialized plan involving dual diagnosis to more effectively treat their problems. It can be difficult to treat addiction or mental illness and is usually much easier and more successful to treat both of these illnesses at the same time. Specialized addiction treatment services are often used for the treatment of dual diagnosis patients.
If you or someone you love needs help dealing with a problem with alcohol, drugs or another type of addictive disorder, it is often hard to know where to go to find the right solution. Addiction treatment services should be viewed as a comprehensive set of tools that will lead to an end to the destructive behaviors of alcohol and drug addiction. While this can be scary for individuals seeking treatment, this does not have to be a difficult or painful process. Rather, this should be the beginning of a new life free from the difficulties of substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment Can Provide A Cushion

When newly sober individuals are in the early days of recovery from substance abuse it can sometimes be hard, but addiction treatment can provide a cushion which provides stability and encouragement. Setting goals to be made that will give a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when progress is made is the best way to get a sense of results. As the old recovery saw from 12-step programs goes: One Day At A Time. There are many opportunities for growth along the path of addiction recovery. As long as the individual understands the help drug addiction therapy services provides, the possibility for a brighter future is possible.

What Can Happen Without Alcoholism Treatment?

One thing is sure when it comes to alcoholism treatment: without getting proper treatment there will be a steady loss of manageability in the life of the alcoholic and his or her family. There are studies that indicate someone who has alcoholic addiction in his/her family is more likely to develop alcoholism if they choose to drink. Alcoholism can also develop or worsen based on a person’s school or work situation, as well as traumatic experiences in life. Some factors may include culture, family, friends, peer pressures, or lifestyle. Untreated alcoholism can lead people into behaviors that they may later regret, and can be physically and mentally destructive. Currently, alcohol use is involved in more than half of all crimes, murders, accidental deaths, and suicides, either directly or indirectly. There are also many health problems associated with alcohol use such as brain damage, cancer, heart disease, and diseases of the liver. Alcoholic individuals who do not get alcoholism treatment may reduce their life expectancy by 10 to 15 years or more.
There are various paths to alcoholism treatment, and each has its own benefits. Most of all, the sense of accomplishment and personal freedom that sobriety will offer is a big reason to explore this opportunity. One factor for recovery may include a 12-step recovery program such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Another is enrollment in a sober living home or inpatient treatment center. For some however, the difficulties brought on by long-term alcohol addiction can require a more comprehensive approach.