Different Types Of Detox Treatment Available Including Alcohol Detox

There are all manner of addiction treatment programs available for addicts. Whether you’re an alcoholic, drug addict, abuser of prescription drugs, or a combination, every individual has a unique set of circumstances, physical problems, emotional and social circumstances to be dealt with. Detox will be different for each, depending on the substance abused, length of time using, and frequency of use. Alcohol detox is very different from a medical detox for heroin or prescription medications. Treatment will also differ according to the individual addiction disorder, and whether or not you have a dual diagnosis situations.

Addiction Treatment For Dual Diagnosis Patients

It’s very common that individuals who enter addiction treatment for substances can have addictions to more than one substance. There are individuals who also often suffer from mental problems, sometimes brought about by their addictions or perhaps co-existing alongside with their addiction problems. These problems can include hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, depression and suicide attempts, altered states of reality, bi-polar disorder, OCD, and even Schizophrenia. Addiction treatment should be tailored to each individual based on the specific factors that are involved with the individual case.

Effective Addiction Therapy For Substance Dependence Is Available

Addiction therapy for individuals suffering from substance dependence is available as outpatient, inpatient hospital, or residential treatment. If your loved one’s substance dependence or addiction is relatively short-lived or recent, or hasn’t progressed significantly, they may be best served through an outpatient treatment regimen. For individuals with more severe addiction disorders, inpatient hospital or residential treatment may be necessary. For some of these cases withdrawal symptoms from multiple substances can be life threatening. In these cases medically supervised detox is the best form of treatment available.