This article will help you if you are looking for resources on getting oxycontin addiction treatment. This is a very dangerous drug and is also known as oxy. You need to get immediate help if you are addicted to this drug. Your life could depend on it because of the damage that is being done to your body. Getting help is closer than you think and contacting a program in your area will give you the resources and support you need at this critical time. Making the decision that you need to do something about your substance abuse means that you can become sober. There is a way out and you can have a better life if you put your mind to it.
The supportive staff at an oxycontin addiction treatment program will be able to help you get to a point of understanding when it comes to your substance abuse problems. The first thing they need to do is get you off of oxy. This has to be done with medical personnel because the process involves slow detoxification. You can’t do this on your own and the experienced medical staff will know the best way to do it in order to make sure you don’t suffer from powerful withdrawal symptoms. When you first contact a center, you should find out how much experience they have with treating for this drug.
The next step to take at an oxycontin addiction treatment program is learning how your dependence developed. You need to talk with different counselors about how this has played a role in your life. They want to talk with you about what you’ve been feeling and what may have caused substance abuse to develop. By doing this, they can get to the root of your dependency and discover how to keep from relapsing again. This is all very important to help you recover.
When you’ve completed oxycontin addiction treatment, you will be able to live with your friends and family again. You may want to have a totally new way of living because; you don’t want to be around the lifestyle you were in previously that led to your dependency. You need to be free of temptation, so this is a choice you’ll have to make when you leave the program. You will also be given important tools at the oxycontin addiction treatment program to help you when you feel that you may want to use oxy. You will go to group therapy meetings and talk with your peers about what you’re feeling. They will give you their love and support to help you gain self confidence again. This can all help you stay sober in the future.