Wanting A Holistic Drug Rehab

If you want a holistic drug rehab no one is going to blame you. A lot of addicts really respond to a holistic approach to rehab verses a non holistic approach. Whatever kind of rehab you do doesn’t really matter as much as whatever one that you do that you stick with it and that it works for you. Some people go through rehab thinking the entire time this is bologna and regardless whether you go the whole thirty days or not doesn’t matter because in the end if you think it’s all pointless you aren’t going to be able to apply it to your sobriety.

Detox Program: What You Need To Know

If you’ve never been through a detox program you are going to have questions and there’s a good chance you are going to be scared. Know that anxiety and fear are all part of the detox experience. A lot of addicts experience anxiety and fear as part of their withdrawal symptoms actually. When you read about detox online and the withdrawal symptoms it’s normal that you would feel nervous about going through detox. First of all every addict responds to detox differently and addicts are given an option of a medical detox with people standing by to help when they are having certain DT symptoms.

Dual Diagnosis: Battling Two Illnesses At The Same Time

A dual diagnosis clinic will battle two illnesses at the same time. What types of illnesses? If you don’t know a lot about rehabilitation when it comes to alcohol and drugs then you probably don’t know that some addicts suffering from mental illness and because they weren’t probably treated or it the first time they went into rehab they didn’t know that they were mentally ill.