Addiction Treatment Is For Everyone

Many people think that individuals such as Lindsay Lohan and other famous people with drug and alcohol addictions are above the ordinary needs for addiction treatment that most addicted individuals require. In most cases this is not true. In fact, in cases such as Lindsay Lohan the truth may be more picayune than most people realize. The truth of addiction is that it is no different for a man, a woman, young persons, the elderly, the famous and so on and so forth. Addiction treatment is the only way to ensure that individuals of all stripes will have the chance to enjoy the freedom of long term recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment Should Be Voluntary

For drug addiction treatment to succeed it is important for the individual in question to be interested in recovery and focused on their treatment. In a case such as Lindsay Lohan, it is clear that she has never shown the proper interest in getting help for her issues, and to the contrary it seems obvious to most that she has to a greater degree skirted the requirements of her probation from numerous run-ins with the law. In a case such as hers it is hard to imagine how she could achieve success with her attempts to get sober while simultaneously thumbing her nose at the law. She recently even gave a literal “F–k U” to the judge in her case by affix those passive aggressive letters to her nails just as she was trying to avoid getting sent to jail for her latest infraction.

A Drug Treatment Program Can Help

While a case like LiLo’s may not lend itself to the kind of help that a drug treatment program can offer, for millions of individuals this has been the beginning of a journey down a path to freedom that has given them options leading to a better life. In order to succeed at a drug addiction program the most important factor is to be interested and involved in one’s own recovery, it is as simple as that, and that is something that cannot be taught, even to someone as well-off as Lindsay Lohan.