Palm City, FL – New Life Addiction Treatment, a compassionate, integrated drug and alcohol rehab center, is helping promote Children of Alcoholics (COA) week, an international campaign led by British charity NACOA (The National Association for Children of Alcoholics) to shed light on the situations of children who are adversely affected by family alcohol issues.

How NACOA got it’s start

In 1990, Hilary Henriques, Valerie McGee, Maya Parker, Diana Samways and David Stafford founded NACOA in response to their experiences working with drug and alcohol addiction patients at St Joseph’s Centre for Addiction in Surrey, England. After realizing that traditional rehab programs weren’t offering a support system for family members, NICOLAs founders realized that they needed to approach helping addiction patients from a different perspective.

What NACOA’s founders discovered was profound– and part of their conclusions included the fact that many addiction patients said that they relapsed due to feeling as if they didn’t fit into their families without alcohol or drugs. Additionally, the founders discovered that bringing an addiction sufferer’s children and other family members into the rehabilitation and therapeutic recovery process could help greatly accelerate the healing process for both a patient and his or her family.

NACOA’S Children of Alcoholics Week helps promote education, research, and positive life changes for addiction sufferers and their families

In 2009. NACOA realized it had to do something more to improve public knowledge about the dangers of parental alcoholism– so, the organization decided to create COA week. Typically held in the third week of February, COA Week runs from February 12th- 18th this year and involves speeches and educational events hosted at a variety of medical, educational, and governmental institutions worldwide.

For more than 25 years, the NACOA helpline has helped families deal with addiction

Understanding the fact that children are often hurt the most when a parent suffers from alcoholism meant that NACOA’s founders had to do something to help them directly– and that resulted in NACOA’s helpline for the children and families of alcohol addiction sufferers. Since 1990, the helpline has fielded over 202,000 calls from children as young as five years old– giving thousands of children the opportunity for their voices to be heard without fear of judgement, criticism, or retribution.

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