Addiction Treatment Can Make The Difference

Drug addiction is a treatable disorder. Addiction treatment is tailored to individual needs, patients can learn to control their disease and live normal, productive lives. Like people with diabetes or heart disease, people in treatment for drug addiction problems can learn cognitive behavioral therapy changes and take medications as part of their addiction treatment program.
Behavioral therapies often include one on one counseling with an addiction medicine specialist, psychotherapy, 12-step groups, and family treatment. Addiction treatment medications offer help with suppressing the withdrawal symptoms and drug craving by blocking the effects of the drugs. In addition, studies now show that treatment for addiction using proper medications at an adequate dosage level combined with behavioral therapy reduces death rates and many health problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

How Much Addiction Therapy Do You Need?

In general, the more addiction therapy given, the better the results. Many patients require services beyond addiction treatment as well, such as medical and mental health services. Patients who stay in treatment longer than 3 months usually have better outcomes than those who stay less time. Patients who go through a medical detox tend to minimize discomfort but if they do not receive any further treatment, they will perform about the same in terms of their tendency to relapse as those who were never treated. Over the past 20 years, studies have shown that addiction therapy works to reduce drug intake and crimes committed by drug addiction individuals. Researchers have also found that addicts who have been through treatment are more likely to get jobs after addiction treatment.

Drug Addiction Treatment Has An Impact

Drug addiction huge impact on society, an estimated $80 billion every year. This figure includes costs related to crime, medical care, drug addiction treatment, social welfare programs, and time lost from work and school opportunities. Drug addiction treatment can reduce those costs. Studies have shown that from $5 to $10 are saved for every dollar spent on addiction treatment. It costs approximately $3,600 per month to leave a drug abuser untreated in the community, and incarceration costs the State approximately $3,300 per month.