Holistic Drug Rehab: Offers Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A holistic drug rehab definitely has a different approach to rehab than other rehabs. They don’t just address the drugs and the alcohol. They address the entire problem. Diet and exercise and how you feel and take care of your body is believed to be all part of the recovery process, not just putting you through a detox program and sticking you in therapy. They believe that what you eat and how you treat your body and how you feel about yourself mental and physically all plays into your drinking and drug problem. Just like drinking and doing drugs are bad habits so is a bad diet.
The great thing about going to a rehab with a dual diagnosis program is that if you are suffering from mental illness you will be treated for it. Rehabs that do not offer dual diagnosis treatment tend to have a lot of patients who do not getting treated for the entire problem and go back to drinking and doing drugs almost immediately. You do not want this to happen so as a result you should not rule out a dual diagnosis treatment center.
If you are depressed, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks or have really big highs and really big lows you may have a mental illness problem. The reason you may be drinking or doing drugs is to self-medicate for those problems. You might not know it until the drugs and alcohol are removed from your system and you can no longer use these drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. If you’ve gone to rehab before and you keep relapsing it’s a good idea to rule out mental illness. That way if you do have it you can get the treatment you need and get better for good.