Alcoholism Continues into Sobriety
Once you have given up alcohol, you have opened a door to a new life. Alcoholism treatment is great for getting sober, but what do you do when you get there? After the first 6 months of sobriety, all the alcohol is out of a person’s body. This means that physically they are the most sober they ever will be. However, the emotional journey is a lot longer and people often still need help years after they’ve put down their last drink.
Combating Alcoholism in Sobriety
What do you do when you find that you haven’t had a drink, but don’t feel like you are quite living sober? The answer is to get yourself into recovery. Helping out another alcoholic is the best way to beat your own alcoholism into submission. The role of other people in your initial recovery was crucial. You depended on professionals and other recovered people to show you the way to not picking up a drink. In order to keep up your recovery, you have to make sure you are now looking at the process on the giving side, rather than the receiving end.
Helping Others Helps Yourself
Addiction treatments are only successful if you are constantly engaged. When you are engaged with another alcoholic and helping them learn about your experience, than you are contributing to your own experience. The richness your life takes on when you help another alcoholic is something that all alcoholics longed for when they were drinking and didn’t think they had any positive effects in life. You can have a positive effect now that you are sober.