Alcohol Detox Programs Can Be The Answer

Alcohol detox programs are often the start of a treatment for alcoholism, and many of them use a 12-step rehab center to get the best results. Alcohol addiction centers began treating drug and alcohol addiction in the 1970’s, when cocaine use reached epidemic proportions and many addicts were losing their lives to addiction disorders. To begin, clients will start to participate in a medical detox program for three to six weeks, and then enter into outpatient drug rehab. Those clients who fail in this treatment do so most often because their treatment is too short and then they will relapse because they don’t have the treatment resources to help them stay sober. It’s critical that they enter a program to continue to make progress and enjoy long-lasting success.
Self-help groups are a very useful part of the recovery paradigm. However, cutbacks in healthcare coverage for drug and alcohol abuse has resulted in fewer of these programs, and under managed care, the length of stay at detox programs is becoming much shorter for individuals who need critical treatment.

Addiction Treatment With Medical Detoxification Is An Option

Many individuals have an image of alcohol detox being a torture chamber, which is an image brought on by the media. Individuals are medically taken off drugs and alcohol and are under the care of a physician at all times. It used to be thought that detoxification was a treatment in and of itself, but it is most often just a precursor to addiction treatment that takes a lifetime of work to make significant progress.
It takes work to help an individual get back to a healthy and happy state and to do this it is necessary to get the drugs out of his or her body completely. For many types of drug abuse, detoxification can include medications to make the withdrawal process safer. Sometimes, just going through this process without medication or the care of a physician can be fatal. Alcohol detox will not address psychological, behavioral or other baseline issues, so treatment is necessary to take care of all of the client’s needs before he or she can go on with life.
When alcohol withdrawal is not done with the assistance of an alcohol detox program it can be FATAL to individuals with serious alcohol addiction issues, so you must seek addiction treatment to detox safely!