Why Treatment Centers and SoCal Work
One of the most popular places to go for rehabilitation from substance abuse is Southern California. The proximity to the beach, the temperate weather, and the abundance of specialists make it an ideal place to begin recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. California has the largest number of addiction treatment facilities in the United States. The quality of these facilities varies, so be careful to find one that has many years in operation and plenty of patient testimonial to back up any claims of their services and success rates.
Finding Treatment Options in Orange County
A popular place for holistic rehabilitation is Orange County, CA. Located right outside of Los Angeles, Orange County is comprised of many peaceful suburbs right along the Southern California coast, which are perfect for stress-free environments such as a rehabilitation center. If you are looking for a holistic rehab Orange County is a great place to start your search. The holistic approach to treating addiction is a relatively recent development and is very popular for substance abusers of all types.
Getting Specialized Treatment for Dual Diagnosis in California
A dual diagnosis is when a person suffers from both a chemical substance addiction (drugs or alcohol) and a mental illness or emotional issue, such as depression or borderline personality disorder. California dual diagnosis facilities take into account both facets of the person’s experience and make sure to treat both issues while paying special attention to how they relate to each other. Having a dual diagnosis is a difficult and seemingly complex situation, but there are many experienced professionals willing able to work through any combination of issues a person may have relating to substance abuse and mental illness. Southern California is an especially accommodating location to those looking to deal with a dual diagnosis.