A Patient-Focused Addiction Treatment Center

Not every addiction treatment center can offer the same resources and amenities. The fact is that some addiction rehabilitation centers are downright awful in comparison to others. Cramped spaces, potentially hostile roommates, poor-quality food, and a patchwork staff are common at some centers for addiction treatment. Getting help at an addiction rehabilitation center that sets itself outside of the box by being a premier center for addiction treatment in Orange County to offer holistic drug rehab and alternative therapies should be the goal for every individual seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse issues.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Helps With Relapse Prevention

New Method Wellness offers outpatient drug rehab treatment. This can be a part of the solution during the difficult transition from inpatient treatment to living clean and sober. In such a setting there is opportunity to reflect and work with counselors and peers to build a foundation which can lead to success. This concept of treatment assumes there will be bumps along the road to recovery. With the support of family and a strong framework for lasting recovery, there will be a chance for happiness and freedom.

Visiting Family While Receiving Addiction Treatment Services

The privilege of visiting family or friends for extended periods is not guaranteed to all residents who are receiving addiction treatment services. For each patient, a decision is made based on many different factors including the resident’s relapse history, the home situation and possible hazardous people and substances. Depending on the home situation and each resident in treatment, the privilege of returning home for the weekend is extended to qualified residents on Friday evening, through Sunday morning. This allows eligible residents to spend an entire weekend day with their loved ones and to decompress from therapy for a short while.