Center For Addiction Treatment: Knowing When You’re Being Difficult

Knowing when you’re being difficult is important in order to get the help you need from a center for addiction treatment. Addicts are stubborn. That’s why they don’t want to go to rehab. That’s why the resist and lie and manipulate and challenge their friends about their addiction problem, so that they don’t have to addict they have a problem. They’re stubborn and they’re good at making everyone else feel bad when they are the ones who should be feeling bad about their actions.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy: Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Alcohol addiction therapy wants addicts to open up about their addiction problem. That doesn’t mean they want them to tell them everything but the kitchen sink it just means that if there is something that is plaguing them and it’s getting in the way of the recovery process then they need to be open and honest about it so that they can move past it. Not everyone that drinks or does drugs and is an addict has a deep dark past but sometimes molestation, rape, an eating disorder, verbal or physical abuse can cause a person to abuse drinking or drugs.

Home Living Sober: It’s Important To Make That Transition

Going home living sober after being in a sober house can be a hard transition for any addict. Sometimes the stresses of work and family are why the addict turned to alcohol or drugs to cope. Doing all this hard work and then returning home to a family that is the same can be hard for an addict who only knew how to coexist with the family as an addict and not as a clean, sober individual. When daddy needs to get a brief written and the kids are climbing on top of him and mommy isn’t jumping in, daddy wants to hit the bottle. Figuring out how not to hit the bottle is part of the recovery process.

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