Alcohol Addiction Treatment Including Alcohol Detox

There Is Help For Alcohol Addiction Problems

Alcohol addiction is associated with high mortality rates (more than 150,000 deaths per year), severe social and legal problems, violent acts and workplace tragedies. Alcohol addiction is one of the most prominent baseline psychiatric disorders in the whole world: the lifetime prevalence of alcohol dependence, which is a severe form of alcoholism, is 10 to 15 percent. The percentage of alcohol dependence to those individuals who require alcohol detox at some time in their life is nearly 50 percent. Alcohol addiction is much more common in men, but it has been increasing in women steadily over the past three decades. and the female to male ratio for alcohol dependence has narrowed to one to two.2  Serious Problems with alcohol addiction often start in adolescence; nearly 50 percent of people suffering from alcohol addiction will develop their first symptoms between age 18 to 21.

Alcoholism Treatment Is The Best Way To Deal With These Issues

Without alcoholism treatment, these problems can often go undiagnosed; most alcoholics don’t ever seek treatment until they wind up in some major problem involving severe health problems or problems with the law.  Some patients may also hide pertinent information regarding their problem with alcohol because of shame or a fear of stigmatization. This often leads to medical and psychiatric conditions being unrecognized, leading to potential surgical complications, unexpected alcohol withdrawal symptoms including Delerium Tremens, negative drug interactions, and in the end losing the opportunity to get help in a timely fashion. This is especially important during pregnancy to prevent the effects of alcohol on a fetus. Many patients, particularly the elderly, continue to be treated symptomatically for alcohol-related conditions without recognition of the underlying problem. There are numerous reasons why there is a tendency for physicians to neglect or be unaware of the symptoms alcohol addiction, but alcoholism treatment is the best way to ensure that these individuals have the chance for a better life.

Alcohol Detox Treatment Is Available At An Addiction Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is suffering from the depredations of alcohol addiction, you need to know that there are services available to help you get sober and head down the path to success.  If your problem is severe it may be necessary to seek treatment that includes alcohol detox.  Alcohol detox will help in the early days of treatment to overcome severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  Medical staff will be able to monitor your progression and guide you towards addiction therapy that will open your eyes to the possibilities of recovery.