Drug Addiction Center: When You Relapse

Rehab isn’t a onetime thing for some addicts that went through a thirty or ninety day stint at a drug addiction center. A lot of times rehab is something an addict does two or three times before they full kick a drug or alcohol habit. The important thing to if you relapse is to be up front about it. You don’t always need to go back to rehab sometimes you are in recovery and something very upsetting happens and you slip but you don’t continue to slip.

Alcohol Addiction Center: Admitting You’re An Alcoholic

Admitting you’re an alcoholic is part of the process of going to an alcohol addiction center. Sometimes addicts come to rehab because their spouse wants them to. They’ve given them an ultimatum: either get help or get out. Usually, the thought of losing one’s family one’s life partner is enough to make someone at least try to stop if not stop completely. However, if you can’t admit that you are an alcoholic than the road to recovery is going to be a bumpy one.

Home Living Sober: Going Home

Figuring out home living sober after you’ve exited a sober house and it’s now time to go home can be challenging for an addict. They aren’t sure how they’ll adjust after being away for so long. They aren’t sure how exactly they’ll acclimate back into their family now that they are drugs or alcohol free. They want to be more present now but they are worried they’ll crack under the pressure, not being able to have a drink when things get tough to relax them is hard for a recovering addict who used alcohol as a relaxation method.

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