Medical Detox Program: Isn’t It More Drugs?

A medical detox program puts the addict whether it’s drugs or alcohol through detox. Detox can last anywhere from three to seven days depending on the severity of the addiction problem. There are side effects that come with detox that an addict is not always prepared for. There are horrible stomach pains, sweating, chills, shakiness, fear, anxiety and more. It’s nothing to be afraid of and yet an addict can be carrying a lot of fear inside them. Therefore meds are necessary to help them through the process.

Drug Addiction Center: Stopping The Insanity Before It Kills You

Stopping the insanity that is your life because you are a drug addict and have a severe drug problem is the job of any drug addiction center. You’ve spiraled downward and it’s to the point now where your friends and family want nothing to do with you until you get help. You are without a shadow of a doubt the most out of control you’ve ever been.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy: When Your Family Comes For Therapy

One of the steps of alcohol addiction therapy is having friends, family, a significant other if you have one come and talk to you about your addiction problem. Sometimes it can feel like people are taking cheap shots at you, kicking you when you are down but the truth of the matter is it’s all part of the recovery process. You need to hear how your alcoholism has hurt your family so that the next time you want to drink you remember your little girl crying because you fell down from drinking once and she thought you were dead.

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